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Old Commission Weaving

Scottish Textiles

Andrew Elliot Ltd offer a full design package and commission weaving service on Estate Tweeds, Tartans and Interior Design fabrics. Sample weaving and ranges on fabric structures of up to 16 shafts can also be undertaken.

Over the last few years, the company has been involved in a number of varied projects. No longer simply working with standard wools like Shetland, Lambswool and Mohair, particular fabrics have been designed and woven using silk, linen, natural wools, recycled and fancy yarns. End products have ranged from fashion scarves as narrow as 10" wide, to throws and blankets at 85" wide.

A number of upholstery fabrics have been redesigned to reproduce traditional wall panelling, furniture coverings and interior accessories, based on cloths from the Middle Ages to Victorian times. The majority of these are used in stately homes, museums and other places of interest.

Working in tandem with interior designers, the company can produce different styles of throws and blankets, which are aimed at the very top end of the fashion and interior market. In addition to the throws, matching fabrics can be woven for cushion covers, curtains and drapes.

Similar products can be designed and woven using natural wools. Andrew Elliot Ltd have produced a number of fabrics, throws and accessories for companies using wools such as Wensleydale, Herdwick and other indigenous wools.

Robin Elliot is happy to discuss any individual requirements and ideas, which clients may have about design, yarn availability, weave and finish.