Elliot Weave


A range of throws in natural yarns, and in a multitude of colours, ranging from the colours of the hills and glens of the Scottish landscape, to bright contemporary and subtle classic shades.

Ecology1 & 2


Using recycled yarns, this range of random-coloured throws is available in Tapestry, a subtle, yet sometimes bold, chevron design, and Patchwork, a contrasting small block design.


Indigo (£100)

Composed of a lambswool and cotton blend, to produce a heavy throw, in both subtle and contrasting denim hues with a herringbone structure.

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Horizon (£100)

Composed of a bold chunky, yet soft lambswool, these throws reflect the natural elements of earth, stone, fire and water. Available in a large block design, with a classic herringbone structure.

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Landscape (£120)

Composed of a fine merino lambswool, and available in a plaid-style design with twill structure, and inspired by the shades and hues of the Scottish highlands.

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Urban (£150)

Composed of a super fine geelong lambswool, and contemporary in both design and colour, with that classic herringbone structure.

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