Elliot Weave

Company Profile
Scottish Textiles

Andrew Elliot Ltd specialises in the design and production of a range of throws, and fashion and interior fabrics. Our current range of designs utilises the very best combinations of colour and quality.

Robin Elliot runs the company. A graduate of the Scottish College of Textiles in Galashiels, Robin honed his skills with his late father as his mentor, and strives to secure this indigenous company’s place in the niche market for contemporary textiles.

With an ethical philosophy, Robin believes in a sustainable future for Scottish textiles, based on integrity and innovation. The company supplies well-made, individual fabrics, with a strong cutting edge in design, allied to the aspects of vintage fabric production and the heritage of the Borders textile industry.

Over the years, Robin has designed a number of tweeds for private clients and estates, which the company continue to produce, and has also designed a number of tartans for various private clients and companies. He currently sits on the board of governors of the Scottish Tartans Authority.

Many of the company’s fabrics have been used on stage and screen, in leading theatre productions, films, such as the Harry Potter series, and on television, including tweed worn by Matt Smith as Dr. Who between 2011 and 2014, whilst the traditional aspects of the company have featured in various factual programmes.

The company has also produced a number of historical reproduction fabrics in conjunction with Ian Dale of Angus Handloom Weavers, which includes work in Anne Hathaway's Cottage, the V&A Museum, Osbourne House, Kew Palace and the Great Tower at Dover Castle.